Mission, vision and values

Our mission is to provide our clients with safe, efficient, out-of-the-box and from A to Z offshore solutions that will satisfy all our client’s needs.

Our vision is to constantly improve and extend our service portfolio to meet even higher demands and requirements.

Our values are safety, reliability and passion towards maritime business:
“Safety first” – is the only heathy way to do maritime business, therefore within all of our projects we apply “Safety first” thinking as top priority;
Reliability – equipment and services we provide meets international requirement and is robust and durable, other equipment does not have a place in the sea;
Passion – each project we work at we do with a great passion and care, we always aim at higher standards to satisfy both clients and ourselves with the results.

International coverage

Alpha Offshore Solutions provides research and development, production and rental services as well as other offshore services, such wide portfolio is only possible with dedicated international team and world-wide partnerships AOS has.
With our help and assistance from our partners from all over the world you can get one-stop, single source solution for your offshore, oil & gas drilling, renewable energy, etc. related business located in any spot of the planet.

Our Network: Alpha Offshore, Holland GroupHolland Ship WindowsHolland Watermakers, LIFT2WORKk, Ambtman MarinePropulsion Equipment.